Most of my blogs will discuss an example image and how it was taken.  I love to show what works for me and hope that it will work for you as well.  Comments and feedback are welcome.

Iceland Workshop September 2017

January 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Iceland Workshop – Sept 2017

Iceland is the Mecca for landscape photographers offering some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes most of which are easily accessible. With some easy hiking, other extraordinary opportunities also present themselves and offer some unique photographic opportunities typically not captured.

This workshop will focus on the southern parts of Iceland. The main focus of the tour will be glaciers and glacial lagoons, icebergs on a black beach, waterfalls, highlands, coastal features, and the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) if the conditions are conducive. The itinerary will be kept as flexible as possible to ensure that we’ll have clear skies to be able to photograph the Northern Lights.

The workshops are about improving your photography as well as experiencing unique and exciting locations. We will be out photographing with you every day, helping you to realize the images you’re after and encourage you to explore and see the landscape in new ways. We are as passionate about photography as you are and participating in an intense photographic journey with a group of like-minded individuals is an essential way to grow as a photographer. We will be always be at hand to assist with specific techniques, such as Aurora photography at night, composition, and the artistic effects of long-time exposure settings for waterfall and water movement shooting.


Accommodation and food

If you are traveling with a partner or a friend and want to share accommodation the cost will be less (per person) than a single room. Please let us know your preferred accommodation requirements (single/double occupancy) in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements. All meals and drinks are included with the exception of Alcoholic beverages. If you have special dietary requirements please advise us in advance so that we can accommodate.

The itinerary

As always in Iceland, the weather will be unpredictable and variable and we may have sunshine, snow, rain, wind and probably a bit of everything else. But the unpredictability and variations of the weather is just what makes for fantastic photographic opportunities. However, the unpredictable weather can limit what we can do and where we can go. Therefore there will flexibility within the itinerary so that we can change plans according to the weather.

Day 1: In Vik area with opportunities to photograph two iconic waterfalls and black beach.

Day 2-3: Jokulsarlon: great area for photographing Icebergs, glaciers, black beach, mountains and waterfalls. Also a beautiful setting for Aurora photography.

Days 4-5: Golden Circle area. Opportunities for more waterfalls, landmannalaugar (weather permitting), canyons and geysers.

Days 6-7: Snaefellsnes area (west coast). Rugged coastline with iconic pyramid mountain and waterfalls.

Aurora photography throughout trip when conditions permit.



In order to provide the best possible education, training, and comfort, we recommend that you bring the following equipment:

  • Wide angle and telephoto lens; something in the range of 14mm up to 200mm (35mm full frame equivalent)

  • ND filters (3 stop, 8 stop)

  • Remote Trigger

  • Tripod

  • Waterproof overshoes

  • Variety of clothing for accommodating wind, rain, snow and thermal clothing for temperatures typically ranging from 0C to 10C

Trip details

Date: Sept 13–19, 2017
Duration: 7 days/6 nights
Cost: $4,400 CDN for shared accommodation / $4,900 CDN for single (required for a solo traveler)

Includes: Transportation in Iceland, accommodation, all food and non-alcoholic beverages, guidance, daily reviews, after trip review of selected images, and one 24” print.
Excludes: Flights, insurance and taxes.
Maximum Group size: 8
Leaders: Vin Singh, Alexander Rocco, Harjit Singh

Discount of 10% for anyone that attended previous workshops.



With over 60 years of photographic and artistic experience between the trio, you will be in good hands during the workshop.


Vin Singh:

Vin's work has been showcased in Photolife, B+W and Silvershotz magazines, CBC Nature of Things and Nikon calendars and other promotional media. Vin has numerous awards both in Canada as well as internationally including "World Class Photographer” of the 118th Toronto International Salon of Photography. He has exhibited in many shows in Toronto as well as Los Angeles.

Harjit Singh:

Harjit has received numerous awards both in Canada and internationally. He has exhibited his artwork in many art shows in the greater Toronto area and been a featured artist in local art galleries.

Alexander Rocco:

Alexander Eros Rocco is an award-winning photographer and visual artist, born in Santiago Chile and based in Toronto, Canada. Rocco has exhibited in galleries in Canada, the USA, and his images have appeared in various magazines such as Black & White, Photolife, and Fashion Unlimited. He has collected various awards such as PX3 Prix de La Photographie Paris – Press Fashion Silver Medal, IPA Awards – Lucie Foundation – 1st Place Advertising Beauty, 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards – Nature & Fashion Nominee, and Silvershotz – Volume 9 Experience 6 – Cover Photo.

Please see Iceland Gallery for example photographs





Artist Project

February 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So far there has been great interest in my new work involving time and motion in Spain.  Thank you to all that have visited me so far!  Today is the fair's last day, so if you haven't come by yet please do so.  Here is a link to the show:  

Artist Project

March 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Thanks to all that visited my booth at the Artist Project (Feb 19-22, Toronto).  Great show with many talented artists and an honour to be there.  While my most popular pieces continue to be images from Olympic National Park and Iceland, I was encouraged to see that many patrons loved the images from Italy.  This is especially true as this year I am planning to photograph a few more destinations in Europe, both Architectural and Landscape.

Iceland September 18-24 2014

March 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Iceland workshop details are now up at  A novice photographer?  Not a problem, we can help you take some amazing shots in Iceland.  Not to mention the thought of seeing with your own eyes: glaciers, icebergs, amazing waterfalls, geysers and mountains!



March 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sorry for the delay on the workshop schedule.  

1) The Iceland workshop will take place Sept 18-24 2014. (Limit 10 persons)

2) A 4 day Workshop at Olympic national Park in early May 2014 (Limit 4 persons)

3) A 4 day Workshop in Banff/Jasper Provincial Park in August 2014 (Limit 6 persons)


We are still finalizing details and hope to have full details shortly.  Please see for further details.



Artist Project

February 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thank you all who dropped by my booth at the Artist Project.  I had many inquiries on what location most of the work was taken (Iceland).  Which of course led to the inevitable question of how to get there and where to photograph.  I did my best to answer most questions but please do not hesitate to ask any more questions.  As for our workshops, we will be posting the 2014/2015 workshop/photo tour schedule on our Visceral Images site, hopefully by end of next week (9th March 2014).  Likely destinations are Iceland, Olympic National Park, Death Valley or Banff/Jasper National Parks.

Sejlandafoss #1301Sejlandafoss #1301Year 2013
23" X 32" Edition of 10

The Artist Project Art Show

February 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I will be presenting 12 framed pieces at The Artist Project, a Juried exhibit, from Feb 20-23.  Some amazing work from me and 250 other Artists will not disappoint The event will be held at the better living centre, CNE, Toronto.  I will have works from Iceland and Olympic National Park.  Hope to see you there at booth 913!


Art Exhibit

April 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello fellow art lovers!  12 of my colleagues and myself are having a photographic art show in Toronto.  The venue is at the Columbus Centre, Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery.  We will have approx. 100 stunning images ranging from 16"x20" to over 6' panoramic in various styles and finishes.  Event will run from 9th May 2013 to 3rd June 2013.  All 13 artists will be there on May 22.  Hope to see you there!


Thanks to your local photography club

January 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment



I'm a member of two photography clubs (Toronto Digital Photography Club and the Toronto Focal Forum).  I joined several years ago to better my photographic skills but most importantly to get out and shoot.  Photography, like any other hobby or career, has to be consistently practiced and explored or else as the saying goes "use it or lose it".  


Photography clubs offer a great avenue to shoot in places (or subjects) that one normally does to go to.  If you have been reading/viewing my previous posts, you will pretty much know that I like landscape and human photography but haven't really talked about interior architectural stuff.  The posted photograph was a direct result of our photography club having an outing to Toronto's Elgin Theatre.  I would never have ventured into this place as it was never on my radar of places to shoot.  Glad I did it's a beautiful theatre with lots of detail to photograph.

Now where else could you have weely meetings, outings to great places, interesting and established photographers sharing their knowledge for as little as $60/year?  Not many, but your local photography club is one!


-Vin Singh



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Been there done that, but let's do it again

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I've written abaout this before but let's have another replay.  This scene is instantly recognizable as it has been photographed by millions each and every year.  In case you don't recognize the place, it is Yosemite Valley from tunnel view point.  This place was the playground of Ansel Adams and anyone else who loves the natural mountainscapes.  I know this is not a unique capture but when you are there looking down at this beautiful scene (just after snowfall) why wouldn't you want to photograph it?  "I was there to see this!!!" . Pictures really do not do it justice.  The scene before you is thousands of metres (or feet for the Americans) in height and width, snowcapped trees, clouds and waterfalls all in one place...truly have to be there.  Which brings me to the point: Enjoy the scene before you.  Think about what you are feeling, then try to capture the feeling by photographing it.  If you do it in reverse order, you may not appreciate the scene, mess up the shot (as you aren't thinking about what and why you are photographing it) and really not remember why you are out there (to enjoy nature) when you don't see to right results through the 3" screen.




Single shot D800E. f 8 @1/25s, 24-70mm Nikkor at 24mm.


-Vin Singh


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Yoho Valley, Early Morning

December 09, 2012  •  Leave a Comment



This photograph is not what it seems to be.  On first look it looks like a shot of a foggy scene.  However, if ones looks closer, there are parts of the trees that are lit up by the sunlight and other parts that are obscured by 'fog'.


The scene is actually back lit by the sun with mist coming off of a nearby waterfall.  It was almost a 'rain' event as we were getting soaked with the water falling all around us.  In addition, since I was shooting into the sun, controlling flare was a pain as there was water droplets falling on the lens.  Above us was blue sky.  This beautiful scene lasted about 3 minutes.  Luckily (with some good judgment) I was able to get what I wanted.

Hand Held, 1/320 sec; f5.6, using Nikkor 24-70 @ 70mm, Nikon D800E (who said you can't shoot handheld with a D800?  This looks great on 24X36 print)


Vin Singh



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Fire-Wave, Valley of Fire

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Many photos of the fire-wave from the valley of fire, just outside (60km)  of Las Vegas.  Most of them are in colour with the occasional interpretation in monochrome.  I chose to represent in black and white for a few reasons.  1)  Just to be different.  2)  I felt that on this particular day, the sky/colour combination just didn't work. 3)  Wanted the picture to have some "punch" in the wave bands without the image looking way over-done.  My only gripe is that I wish somehow I could have gotten the tip of the wave a little higher over the background cliffs.

This was a two shot pano taken with D3X, 24mm PC-E.


-Vin Singh


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The Grand, Venice, Italy

November 03, 2012  •  Leave a Comment



With such a beautiful view, it's hard to totally mess up this shot.  It may not be entirely unique, but is a must anyways.  In this image, I have attempted to give an 'old world' look to it by using a monochrome warm tone finish.  However, the power boats contradict this...but what can be done of it as they are more prevalent than the human powered ones:)  One interesting thing shooting in Italy with such old buildings - many of them do not have straight walls.  So when attempting to get straight architectural lines keep this in mind...sometimes nothing lines up as it should.


-Vin Singh



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There was so much going on in the scene around this simple 'S' roadway:  It was early morning, sun rising with orange glow around the hills.  In the foreground and in the distance, there were hot sulphur plumes everywhere.  It would make an excellent image as well, however I decided to focus on the much simpler 'S' on the road.  This road could be anywhere in the world (although maybe not with red hills like these) but the location is not what makes it interesting.  It's the shape and imagining driving on the road that makes it interesting.  Of course, you can't shoot it in the middle of the day and the beautiful colours get all washed out :)


Vin Singh




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Traffic flow, Gardiner Expressway, Toronto

September 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment




Some more uses for a ND filter.  Sure, I could have waited a little longer when the sky darkened and not have to use one, but then I would have any ugly black sky instead of this ugly orange one!  I could also have used a much smaller f-stop (like f22) but then I would be losing resolution.


-Vin Singh



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